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Creek County Resident Camera Program

Do you currently utilize private video surveillance at your home or business? If you do, the Creek County Sheriff's Office would like to hear from you.

Video surveillance is one of the best methods for apprehending criminals and convicting suspects who are caught in the act of committing a crime. Installing video surveillance is a great example of community-police partnerships and is something the Creek County Sheriff's Office values highly.

How Does it Work?

The Resident Camera Program allows residents and business owners to register locations and capabilities of their security camera systems with the Creek County Sheriff's Office. Using this information, when a crime occurs, the Creek County Sheriff's Office will know the locations of nearby security camera systems and may contact the owner of the security camera system and request their permission to collect possible video evidence to assist us in following up on investigative leads.

What are the benefits of registering your camera?

Because security camera systems catch the suspect in the act of committing the crime, video surveillance footage is one of the best methods to apprehend suspects and convict them. As crimes occur nearby, many residents and business owners are unaware that their security camera systems may have captured information which could help Law Enforcement Officers solve a crime. Likewise, Law Enforcement Officers are not always aware of who may have potentially vital video surveillance footage.

By registering your security camera system with the Creek County Sheriff's Office, officers can quickly identify nearby security camera systems which may have captured video of criminal activity. After registering your security camera system, you will only be contacted by the Creek County Sheriff's Office if there is a criminal incident in the vicinity of your security camera system and Law Enforcement Officers believe viewing your system's video surveillance footage will assist in their investigation.

Have Questions?

Contact the Creek County Sheriff’s Office (918) 224-4964.

Participate in the SafeCam Program

Participation is easy. Let us know that you have outdoor security cameras so when there is a crime in your area we can reach out.

Primary Point of Contact

Secondary Point of Contact

Terms and Conditions

The information you provide regarding your security camera system will be for official use only. Your personal information will remain confidential and will not be distributed except as required by law or court order. The Creek County Resident Camera Program is entirely voluntary and you can withdraw consent to view video surveillance footage from your security camera system at any time by calling the Creek County Sheriff’s Office (918) 224-4954.

If necessary, the Creek County Sheriff’s Office will contact you directly, using the information provided by you at the time of registration, to request the appropriate video surveillance footage. Any video surveillance footage containing or related to criminal activity collected by the Creek County Sheriff’s Office may be used as evidence during any stage of a criminal proceeding.

Under no circumstances shall the registrants construe that they are acting as an agent and/or employee of the County of Creek, Oklahoma and/or the Creek County Sheriff’s Office, Oklahoma by participating in the Creek County Resident Camera Program.